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Bamba about himself:

I think it was a premonition of fate as my mother took me in a cold winter night in 1976 from Saturday to Sunday at 2:34 AM the world. It should probably be that I have some years later, always in top form concourse at that hour and that in completely atomized and infinitely loud discos, where only a fraction of a second you see the faces of abfeiernden and loopy amount always in step with the strobes ,

In any case it all started at the tender age of 14 when it came time to organize a disco event in our youth club in Alt-Ruppin and we were looking for someone who was able to take care of the music. When it suddenly rang back left out of the corner: "Ey Bamba can still play drums, so it can also make music." (Played drums in a band from 1987-89.) Armed with a tape recorder (SKR 700) and two borrowed Regent boxes, then it went off. Since then this event worked so well the first time, it was said now every Saturday "Disco Time Club". When then came the turn and opened the first discos and clubs, it went really begins - every week hang Friday to Saturday. Back to the top with specially recorded cassettes, then CDs, and ultimately, where I am also remained, with vinyl. Many many years and many many clubs later (2003) came the first disc, which was originally intended as a joke: "Sandman, dear Sandman" - a cover of the former children's television program in Ostfernsehen. Dj Kaylab and I wobbled so rum during an event in Miami Live Club in Stendal and since we got the idea: "Let's make something of it." produced finished, we sent the part equal to WEA Records Germany. The responded also equal and told us that the part still needs to be made a little richer - so starting to Ziggy X to Hamburg with the part. The made it promt a bold version 7th in the RDC charts. This was followed by some more internal club productions like "Bass Now", "We dance open Bass", etc., that are to this day well in the clubs. There were some own events, such as "Summer Dreams" in Neuruppin with 2,000 visitors each year, added. And several large performances such as on the Alpha and Goliath in Schwerin. Otherwise every weekend hang in the club, and there is no end in sight - so "Let the party started"! ... ".

Today Bamba is on tour for the German radio station BB-Radio since a lot of years.

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