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M8ssve - new music project by Maik Schenk

M8ssve logo

There were many successful former music projects like DJ M.a.t.e. aka Maik And The Electrics or Komate Inc., both founded by the label owner and producer Maik Schenk. And now he has created his new final music project, which is called M8ssve. In this name he combines many factors, e.g. his former alias called M.a.t.e., which you can find out if you see the new M8ssve Logo with the "M" and the "eight" - together Meight. There is also an allusion to the very similar named electronic syntheziser, which has left its mark at the modern music world. M8ssve also means, that his upcoming songs will have included a lot of massive and epic sounds.

So you can look forward to a lot of new and massive things!

Here you can have a look on the new M8ssve artist page


DIGGIstage - music label only from now

Important notice: DIGGIstage terminates the agency business

We will concentrate our business just on the music production and label business from now and the agency business we will terminate from Dec 31, 2017. Booking requests are not possible any more. If you want to book one of our artists, we can forward your request to the right person.



Our passion and intention from the beginning of DIGGIstage was the music production together with many different artists. But since we have started the agency business, there was no time for any production and also the quality decreased. Therefore we decided to full focus on the music production.

What's about existing booking contracts?

Existing contracts we will handle until the gig and payments are done. New booking requests are not possible anymore.

How I can book your artists from now?

Please have a look on the facebook artist page or artist website to find out the new adress for bookings. The right links to each page you can find on our artist pages. We will create additional booking information asap on our pages.

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