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Komate Inc


This band was founded in the year 2002, at first they called it MCM Project, but they decided quickly to change the name to Komate Inc. The meaning is quite simple. You can read the name Komate from the 'M' once to the left and once to the right and so you have read the both names of the men Mok and M.a.t.e.

The first project of the band was also the most successful project. "Our Dream" became quickly the status of a club hymn at many clubs in the east of Germany. They also released this tune as a limited vinyl 500 edition. This EP became the most sold Trance / Dance tune on the Vinyl Kontor. There were other songs like "Real", "Better Break It" and more. Komate Inc. produced an album also, but it was an unofficial edit and only a few fans got this "Real Dreams". They were also nominated for the DJ-Superstar Germany Award in 2005.

More than 10 years after founding Komate Inc. they got together and now they are working for new tracks and some newprints of their smash hits.



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